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Almost 10 years experience in the

  signs and graphics industry.

› A Degree in Graphic

  Arts and Computer Animation.

Over 10 Years in the Indie Film Industry, working as an Actress, a Photographer/Camera Operator, 

 Set/Creature Designer and a Story Boarder.

Latest News

July 30, 2018 update

Howdy, Wellcome :)

So glad that you stopped by.

I have updated news on Lake Avalon Entertainments podcast of "A Very Deep Well". Although we are not up on iTones or any other major podcasting site yet, I have a link to where you can listen in on the first episode. Go to www.LakeAvalonEntertainment.come and sit back and take a listen. It is awesome. As for angelbot3d news, I put up my new images that I showed on Instagram. I have a few more added as well. Check things out and enjoy. If anyone is interested in having a portrait done. Go to my contact page and put "PORTRAIT REQUEST ANGELBOT3D" and we will talk. Best wishes to you all! 

JULY 13, 2018 UPDATE

Happy Friday the 13th! I am happy to announce the arrival of Lake Avalon Entertainment. We will be releasing "A Very Deep Well" In about a week, this is a Brand new Pod Cast I'm sure everyone will enjoy.There will be other great stuff to see on our website. Please come and check it out!

Also, I finely got some more of my portraits up and I finished some sculptures. take a look.


03.MAR.2017 update
*I updated things a bit. Nickels and Spud are finally added; I'm so excited. They have been a part of my life forever... I love how my husband and I have been making them come to life!

*The Motor City Comic Con is coming up. I may get a table this year. I am currently working on three more dog portraits. I also had them printed on merchandise, which came out looking fantastic if I do say so myself. Essentially, I plan to sell them this summer at art shows, so I will let everyone know when and where. 

*Also, we've finally made some major breakthroughs with Adobe, so we will be able to start editing here again momentarily--awesome news!

Hi, friend!


Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new ARTWORK. Stop by often.

  • I have a love for all art... traditional/fine, computer generated/enhanced and, of course, media driven mediums such as comic books and film, especially the classics!

  • I have an unrelenting imagination and thus thrive on being creative.

  • I love to use color to make my art stand out.

  • I apply my many years of experience in the sign and design industry to create fantastic advertisements and designs for just about any purpose.