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July 30, 2018 update

Howdy, Wellcome :)

So glad that you stopped by.

I have updated news on Lake Avalon Entertainments podcast of "A Very Deep Well". Although we are not up on iTones or any other major podcasting site yet, I have a link to where you can listen in on the first episode. Go to www.LakeAvalonEntertainment.come and sit back and take a listen. It is awesome. As for angelbot3d news, I put up my new images that I showed on Instagram. I have a few more added as well. Check things out and enjoy. If anyone is interested in having a portrait done. Go to my contact page and put "PORTRAIT REQUEST ANGELBOT3D" and we will talk. Best wishes to you all! 

JULY 13, 2018 UPDATE

Happy Friday the 13th! I am happy to announce the arrival of Lake Avalon Entertainment. We will be releasing "A Very Deep Well" In about a week, this is a Brand new Pod Cast I'm sure everyone will enjoy.There will be other great stuff to see on our website. Please come and check it out!

Also, I finely got some more of my portraits up and I finished some sculptures. take a look.


03.MAR.2017 update
*I updated things a bit. Nickels and Spud are finally added; I'm so excited. They have been a part of my life forever... I love how my husband and I have been making them come to life!

*The Motor City Comic Con is coming up. I may get a table this year. I am currently working on three more dog portraits. I also had them printed on merchandise, which came out looking fantastic if I do say so myself. Essentially, I plan to sell them this summer at art shows, so I will let everyone know when and where. 

*Also, we've finally made some major breakthroughs with Adobe, so we will be able to start editing here again momentarily--awesome news!

Hi, friend!


Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new ARTWORK. Stop by often.

the art ofheidi lynn krause



Almost 10 years experience in the

  signs and graphics industry.

› A Degree in Graphic

  Arts and Computer Animation.

Over 10 Years in the Indie Film Industry, working as an Actress, a Photographer/Camera Operator, 

 Set/Creature Designer and a Story Boarder.

  • I have a love for all art... traditional/fine, computer generated/enhanced and, of course, media driven mediums such as comic books and film, especially the classics!

  • I have an unrelenting imagination and thus thrive on being creative.

  • I love to use color to make my art stand out.

  • I apply my many years of experience in the sign and design industry to create fantastic advertisements and designs for just about any purpose.